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What is the "spray-wipe-spray" or "wipe-discard-wipe" technique?
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Both techniques refer to the two-step procedure used to clean and disinfect environmental surfaces. If using liquid disinfectant, the user would spray the surface with the disinfectant and wipe it using a disposable towel to clean the surface (“spray-wipe”), followed by another “spray” to disinfect the surface. When using disposable disinfectant wipes, the process is described as wipe-discard-wipe because the user uses one wipe to clean the surface, discards the wipe, and uses a second wipe to disinfect the surface. Disinfectant products should not be used as cleaners unless the label indicates the product is suitable for such use. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends following manufacturer recommendations for use (e.g., amount, dilution, contact time, safe use, disposal).  
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