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Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in hospitals.
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첨부파일 cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in hospitals improvment in quality of structure, process and outcome in the hospials in frankfurt main germany in 2016 compared to 2014.pdf

The cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in hospitals is becoming increasingly important in the multi-barrier approach for preventing infec-Angelika Hausemann1 Miriam Grünewald1 tion, in addition to hand hygiene and proper reprocessing of medical Ulla Otto1 devices.


Therefore, in 2014, the quality of structure, process and outcome of surface preparation was checked in all hospitals in Frank- Ursel Heudorf1 furt/Main, Germany. Because of great need for improvements, this monitoring was repeated in 2016. The data are presented in comparison to those in 2014.


Compared to 2014, a clear improvement were seen in 2016, especially in the qualification of the foremen and in terms of  clearly defining the interface between cleaning and care services as well as the quality of process and outcome.


Nevertheless, regarding the growing importance of proper reprocessing of hospital surfaces for prevention of infections and/or colonizations, further improvements are mandatory, including a program for better education of the cleaning staff.



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